Getting started

How does it work?

“PULL” Mentoring – Self-service 365x24!

U-Who disruptively turns the traditional model of mentoring upside down by repositioning the entrepreneur as the “customer” for support & mentoring. Serving the innovative “customer” the way they want, means giving them a self-service online social network to find resources & mentors (or connect if already matched) & where entrepreneurs “PULL” mentor’s know-how to help them solve their problems. U-Who empowers entrepreneurs to “PULL” from the entire community & people mutually agree to share & mentor in a way that everyone benefits.

U-Who sharing & mentoring IS EASY


PROFILE – yourself & link to your other social profiles.


SHARE RESOURCES – ask for what you need & show what you can do.


CONTENT MARKETING – promote directly to LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter to virally get the word out on what you need/know.


NETWORK CONNECT – connect to get to know each other.


MENTOR CONNECT – after getting acquainted, you can invite each other to “mentor connect”, which allows you to exchange electronic business cards & mutual feedback.


MENTOR BY THE HOUR – commit time to mentoring to solve problems, develop skills & succeed.


SUCCEED – Share “Resources” that demonstrate your skills & success, combined with mutual feedback, it provides public exposure to recognize & reward both learning & mentoring!