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Quality Assurance

The quality of resources, users and experts in is supported through a user-driven rating, reviewing and flagging system. provides user and expert rating functions as well as issue flagging to ensure resources and usage are consistent with our policies.



When resources are submitted, they are held for an initial review to ensure they conform to the terms and conditions. Once approved, they are available to be searched, downloaded and used. If a resource is not approved, the contributing expert will be notified and invited to resubmit.

When users download resources, they have the ability to rate and review them. Future users will be able to see ratings and reviews before making their purchase decision. In addition, all experts are required to provide a sample file as part of their resource to enable users to evaluate the function and quality of the resource. Users can view this sample and decide whether to purchase this resource based on the sample, ratings, reviews, discussions and price.

Resource Rating and Review Form

The resource rating and review is done in one simple form where the only required input is the overall rating:



In the event there is a dispute between users and experts over a resource or service, we encourage both parties to resolve their issues on their own. If the dispute is not resolved, will provide support as needed after the parties have made all reasonable efforts toward resolution.

For suggestions on how to effectively resolve disputes, please see our Resolution Guide below.


We use a flagging system to track issues and suggestions related to resources, users and experts. Please notify us at of any issues or offensive content so we can keep the user experience positive and constructive.


We are committed to providing a quality service for all of our users. If we have been notified of an issue and determine that a resource is not suitable to be posted on the website, or user is not complying with our Website Services User Agreement, Privacy Policy or other posted website policies, we may remove the resource and/or limit or terminate the user’s access to our service.

Additionally, we may take technical or legal steps to keep offenders out of our system. Regardless of what action takes, we do not accept any liability or responsibility for unauthorized or unlawful content, misrepresentation, or inappropriate use of .

Resolution Guide

  1. Assess before you buy. Review the detailed description, sample file, expert profile, ratings, reviews and discussions. If the price of the item is significant, you can even send a direct message to the expert to get assurance prior to buying. Make sure you're comfortable with the resource and the expert.
  2. If there is an issue, send a direct message or email to the expert, and make sure they have your contact information. Follow up with the expert to get answers to your issues. You can request the expert's email address or phone number through the direct messaging function.
  3. If you don’t receive a response, check your junk email folder for messages, and check your own contact information to make sure it is correct.
  4. Talk to the other party by phoning them. A five-minute phone conversation can often fix what several emails can’t.
  5. If you are not able to work things out, contact and we will do our best to help. When we receive a dispute notification, we will open a case and track the steps that have been taken to resolve the problem. As stated in our Website Services User Agreement, does not own the intellectual property in the resources, nor do we guarantee any resources. We are not responsible for refunds. Financial compensation must be resolved directly between the parties.
  6. If the parties agree to a refund, we suggest using PayPal, as it provides a level of purchase protection for both parties. Contact PayPal or visit their website to learn more.
  7. Leave feedback. Leave honest, fair, factual feedback. This will let other users know about your experience with the resource, user or expert and help ensure a quality experience for others.

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